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New Clients Welcomed

We help our clients make sense of financial statements, corporate & personal taxes, financial management, business valuations, estate planning, and a variety of other accounting matters. Our goal is to simplify your finances so you can focus on what matters to you – whether it’s growing your business or planning for your future. We offer:

  • Corporate Accounting and Tax Preparation Services
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development Consulting (see below)
  • Financial Management for Companies and Individuals
  • Estate Planning
  • Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

Online and Cloud-Based Accounting

We can assist with the transition to cloud accounting software or help keep you updated with your existing program. Using cloud accounting is an efficient way to work with us and your bookkeeper. You can access your financial information from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop at anytime. We help our on-line clients keep on-track and be ready for tax time. We work with most cloud accounting software packages including: QuickBooks Online, Sage One, Freshbooks, AccountEdge, Xero, Wave, and others. These online programs make organizing your bank and credit card transactions easy, allowing you to access your financial information from any device.

Be Aware of CRA Tax Scams

New tax scams are made-up every day. Be wary when you receive any kind of communication from the Canada Revenue Agency. If any CRA correspondence asks for personal information such as your social insurance number, credit card, or bank account number be suspicious. THESE COMMUNICATIONS LOOK AUTHENTIC. CRA will never ask you to go to a link and disclose personal information. The scam will assert that your personal information is needed so that you can receive a refund or a benefit payment (some also involve threatening language). Other communications will ask you to visit a fake CRA website where you are asked to verify your identity by entering personal information. These are SCAMS and you should never respond to these fraudulent messages or click on any of the links provided. To read more about what to look for visit the CRA website.

The Canadian Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program

The Canadian Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program (SRED or SR&ED) provides support in the form of tax credits and/or refunds, to corporations, partnerships or individuals who conduct scientific research or experimental development in Canada. Any business that is involved in basic or applied research, or in advancing technology in order to improve or develop new materials, devices, products or processes may be eligible under the SR&ED program.

The SR&ED program is intended to encourage businesses of all sizes, particularly small to medium and start-up firms, to conduct research and development (R&D) that will lead to new, improved, or technologically advanced products, processes, devices, and materials. The Canadian SR&ED tax incentive is the government’s largest single support program for R&D.  The program applies to numerous fields of science and technology such as information technology (IT), numerous engineering areas, and many other fields.

Bradley Jacoby Games CPAs do not conduct the technical write up, but we can direct you to organizations that can. We can assist you by assuring the appropriate method is applied and ensuring all eligible/applicable expenditures and provincial incentives are included in the SR&ED calculations to obtain the maximum allowed refund for your organization. We can submit the corporate return including the SR&ED claim or the SR&ED claim on its own.

Bradley Jacoby Games communicates with our clients during the financial documentation review, CRA submission, responding to CRA enquires, informing clients on the CRA activity on the return or on the SR&ED claim status, and communicating the final outcome of the submission.